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Drop Forged Adjustable Wrench
Drop Forged Adjustable Wrench
Details :

American Type Chrome Plated Adjustable Wrench
#45 Carbon Steel Forging , Full heat-treatment 
Overall Polished,head drawing,design independent
Three shot blasting, chrome plated
Laser Scale, high precision worm gear
With tight,easy to grip, smooth use.
The hardness and torque exceeds 30% ANSI standard.
Specification of American Style Adjustable Wrench
Specification Length Max Opening Net Weight Qty/Ctn Gross/Net Weight
    Ctn Dim(cm)
6 In.   150cm ≥19mm 130g 6/120pcs 16.5/16kg 38.5*16.5*14.5
8 In.    200cm ≥24mm 255g 6/72pcs 19.5/19kg 41.5*21.5*11.5 
10 In.    250cm ≥28mm 450g 6/48pcs 22.5/22kg 34*25.5*12.5
12 In.    300cm ≥34mm 700g 6/36pcs 27/26kg 31*29*15

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